Southwestern Minnesota

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Lac qui Parle County

Lac qui Parle County was founded on March 6, 1871. Poles settled in Nassau and Rosen.

Lincoln County

Lincoln County was founded on March 6, 1873. Poles settled in Wilno, Ivanhoe, and Royal Township. 

Lyon County

Lyon County was founded on March 6, 1868. Poles settled in Taunton (prior to 1888 was known as Ripon).

McLeod County

McLeod County was founded on March 1, 1856. Poles settled in Silver Lake and Hale Township.

Swift County

Swift County was founded on February 18, 1870. Poles settled in Holloway and Edison Township. 

Drobne Echa Articles about Towns Where Poles Lived in Southwestern Minnesota

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Installment #Southwestern MN Town and County Related Region in PolandNewsletter
3Silver Lake, McLeod CountyPoznan, GaliciaWinter 2003
page 10
16Taunton, Lyon CountyPoznanSummer 2009
page 1
18Wilno, Lincoln CountyPoznan, Silesia, Kashubia, GaliciaWinter 2009
page 1
20Wilno, Lincoln CountyPoznan, Silesia, Kashubia, GaliciaSummer 2010
page 1