Central Minnesota

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Benton County

Benton County was founded on October 27, 1849. Poles settled in Mayhew Lake Township, Gilman, Alberta Township, Duelm, Brennyville, Foley, Sauk Rapids, Popple Creek, and North Benton.

Morrison County

Morrison County was founded on February 25, 1856. Poles settled in Royalton, North Prairie, Elmdale, Bowlus, Sobieski (Swan River), Platte, Little Falls, Flensburg, Ramey, Morrill, Pierz, Buckman, Upsala, Two Rivers Township, and Culdrum Township.

Otter Tail County

Otter Tail County was founded on March 18, 1858. Poles settled in Perham and Perham Township (previously called Marian Lake Township).

Stearns County

Stearns County was founded on February 20, 1855. Poles settled in St. Cloud, St. Anna, Holdingford, Opole, Avon, and Arban.

Todd County

Todd County was founded on February 20, 1855. Poles settled in Browerville, Long Prairie, and Burleene Township.

Drobne Echa Articles about Towns Where Poles Lived in Central Minnesota

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Central MN Town and CountyRelated Region in PolandNewsletter
St. Cloud, Stearns County
Sauk Rapids and Gilman, Benton County
Galicia, Kashubia,
Fall/WInter 2002
page 14
Swan River (Sobieski), Morrison County
Silesia, Kashubia,
Spring/Summer 2006
page 1
Gilman/Alberta, Benton County
Poznan, Galicia,
Spring 2007
page 1
Little Falls, Morrison County
Kashubia, SilesiaFall 2007
page 1
Bowlus, Morrison County
SilesiaWinter 2007
page 1
Perham, Ottertail County
Kashubia, SilesiaSummer 2008
page 1
Flensburg, Morrison County
SilesiaSpring 2009
page 1