Morrison County Polish Catholic Churches/Cemeteries

The Morrison County Catholic Churches are in the Diocese of St.Cloud.

The following Central MN Catholic Churches were built by Victor Cordella, a famous Polish architect:

  • St. Edwards in Elmdale
  • Our Lady of Lourdes in Little Falls
  • Holy Cross in North Prairie
  • St. Stanislaus in Perham

The table below shows the place of origin in Poland for individuals listed in Find-A-Grave in Polish-related cemeteries in Morrison County (when the place of origin is documented). 

It does not indicate how many Poles were buried in the specific cemeteries, but it provides a sense of which groups of Poles settled in Morrison County towns (mainly from Silesia, Poznań and Kashubia (Pomorskie). It also indicates a few other ethnic groups who Immigrated to the same communities. 

Many entries only list the place of origin as “Poland” or “Polish-speaking German.”

Also, many others buried in the cemeteries have the same Polish names as immigrants but are later generations who were born in Morrison County (or elsewhere in the U.S.).

Morrison County
CemeteryTotal # Burials in
the entire cemetery
(all ethnic groups)
Where Poles buried in the cemetery
originated from in Poland
(when listed)
BowlusSt. Stanislaus847Lots of Silesia
Some Poznań and Pomorskie
some Slovakia
ElmsdaleSt. Edwards436Silesia (Newer cemetery) 2nd generation
FlensburgSacred Heart (old)160Poznan, Pomorskie, Slovakia
FlensburgSacred Heart (new)548Poznan, Pomorskie, Slovakia, a few Silesia
Little FallsOur Lady of Lourdes1404Lots of Pomorskie, Poznan, Silesia, a few Austrian 
LIttle FallsSt. Adelbert492Even mix of Silesia, Poznan, Pomorskie
MorrillSt. Joseph456Poznan (some thru McLeod Co) some Silesia
some Czech, German
North PrairieHoly Cross540Silesia, Pomorskie, Czech
PierzHoly Cross529Pomorskie, Poznań, German 
PlattHoly Cross23A few Pomorskie
RoyaltonHoly Trinity1098Lot of Silesia, some Poznan,
Some German, Slovakia
SobieskiSt. Stanislaus1165Lots of Pomorskie
some Poznan, Silesia


St. Joseph Church (originally St. Hedwig)

33009 Nature Road
Foley, MN 56329

St. Joseph Cemetery

33173 County Road 26
Morrill, MN 


Holy Trinity Church

216 2nd St. North
Royalton, MN 56373

Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery

2-98 North 5th St.
Royalton, MN 56373

Royalton Abandoned Cemetery

There is an old cemetery which is believed to have been part of the early Holy Trinity Church in Royalton. The Morrison County Historical Society may have more information on this cemetery.


The original Holy Cross Church was in Platte, Minnesota, was built in 1904 and burned down in 1917. The church was then moved to Harding, MN, which is 2.5 miles away from Platte.

Holy Cross Church (Current Church)

29482 243rd St. 
Harding, MN 56364

Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery- Platte

This small cemetery has not been used since the 1920s and is said to be hard to find. It is currently maintained by Holy Cross Church in Harding.

Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery – Pierz/Harding

29482 243rd St.
Pierz, Minnesota 56364

North Prairie

Holy Cross Church (founded in 1872)

The original parishioners were German, but the church transitioned to being primarily Polish (mainly Silesians).

14891 Gable Road
North Prairie, MN 

Holy Cross Cemetery

Intersection of County Road 21 and Gable Road 
North Prairie, MN 


St. Stanislaus Church (original church was built in 1882)

9406 Church Circle
Sobieski, MN 56345

The original church building was wooden and dedicated in 1882. It was destroyed by fire in 1896, and a new church was constructed that same year.

St Stanislaus Parish Centennial Book
Provides an extensive history of the parish – available at the Morrison County Historical Society as well as at the Hoffman Research Library in Mendota Heights. You can also call the Parish Office to get a copy: 320-632-6930.

St. Stanislaus Cemetery

Cable Road (across the street from the church)
Sobieski, MN 56345

Little Falls

Our Lady of Lourdes (established in 1917 by Poles)

208 West Broadway
Little Falls, MN 56345

This parish served the Poles on the west side of town, where more of the working class Poles lived. The basement of the church was dug by Polish immigrants using picks, shovels, horses and scrappers. The foundation was made of native granite quarried in St. Cloud. Services were held in the old Antlers Hotel building until the church was completed in 1923.

Our Lady of Lourdes parish school was established by the Benedictine Sisters and was located in the Antler Hotel building until it was torn down in 1952.

Book about Our Lady of Lourdes Parish
The History of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish
by John D. Lauer
Can be ordered through the church website.

Our Lady of Lourdes Cemetery

Highway 27 West
Little Falls, MN 56345

St. Adelbert Church (established in 1901)

307 7th St. Southeast 
Little Falls, MN 56345

  • Poles broke away from Holy Redeemer of Sacred Heart Church that they shared with Germans to form their own parish in 1901 on the east side of town.
  • Saint Adelbert’s Church was extensively damaged by fire in 1953.
  • The parish merged with St. Mary’s Church in 1970.
  • St. Adelbert’s church building was sold and demolished in 1976.

St. Adelbert Cemetery

Airport Road
Little Falls, MN 56345


St. Stanislaus Kostka Church (dedicated in 1910)

428 Main Street
Bowlus, MN 56314

  • The Soo Railroad donated one block of land to the church.
  • Originally assigned as a mission church to Holy Cross in North Prairie. 

St. Stanislaus Kostka Cemetery

40th St. and 120th Avenue
Bowlus, MN 56314


Sacred Heart Church

18 Pine Street
Flensburg, MN 56328
This church has a traditional Latin Mass. 

Centennial Book

Sacred Heart Centennial Book
Flensburg, MN (1902-2002)
by Lynette Gessell

Sacred Heart Cemetery

Flensburg, MN

The Current Parish Cemetery of Sacred Heart Church is located south of the church on the south end of town.

Sacred Heart Old Cemetery

Flensburg, MN 

  • This is the old Parish Cemetery of Sacred Heart Church
  • Earliest burial was 1896 – Prior to then, likely buried in Sobieski cemetery (St. Stanisalaus)
  • Located east of the church (behind the church)
  • Many years ago, the hard soil became too difficult to dig, so the Parish established a new cemetery
  • The FInd-A-Grave link has a detailed description about the history of the cemetery (under “About”)


St. Edward’s Catholic Church (established in 1877)

8550 MN-238
Elmdale, MN 56314

St. Edward’s Cemetery

8550 MN-238
Elmdale, MN 56314
The cemetery is located behind the church.