Drobne Echa:
PGS-MN Newsletter Articles
about Poles in Minnesota

The English translation of Drobne Echa is “Little Echoes.” 

PGS-MN member, Greg Kishel, submitted a number of articles in past issues of the PGS-MN newsletters under the Drobne Echa title. The articles are translations of articles published in Minnesota and Wisconsin Polish newspapers from the late 1800s and early 1900s. 

The Polish newspapers were: Wiarus and Katolik, which were published in Winona, Minnesota, as well as Rolnik, published in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and Kuryer Polski, published in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The articles relate to Polish immigrants in counties across Minnesota. The first installment explains purpose of the series in detail.

When you click on the link for one of the articles, you will need to scroll to the page indicated for that article. 

ment # 
Town of FocusRelated Region in PolandLink to Article
Series Introduction All areasFall/Winter 2002
page 14
1St. Cloud, Stearns County
Sauk Rapids, Benton
and Gilman, Benton County
from Slonce 1898
Galicia, Kashubia, PoznanFall/Winter 2002
page 14 
2Delano, Wright County
from Rolnik (1906-1909)
Fall 2003
page 12
3Silver Lake, McLeod County
from Katolik, 1894
Poznan, GaliciaWinter 2003
page 10
4Virginia, St. Louis County
from Wiarus (1893, 1905, 1908)
Galicia, Kashubia,
Spring 2004
page 18
5Duluth, St. Louis County from Katolik 1894,
Slońce 1898, Wiarus 1901, and Rolnik 1908
Galicia, Poznan,
Kashubia, Russian
Summer 2005
page 14
6Sturgeon Lake, Pine County
from Wiarus (1886-1891)
Russian,  Kashubia,
Galicia, Poznan
Winter 2005
page 11
7Swan River (Sobieski), Morrison County
from Wiarus (1899)
Silesia, Poznan,
Spring/Summer 2006
page 1
8Lexington, LeSueur County
from Wiarus 1901, and Rolnik (1906-1908)
Silesia, Kashubia,
Fall 2006
page 1
9New Brighton, Mounds View,
Ramsey County
from Wiarus
(1890, 1900-1903, 1906-1907)
KashubiaWinter 2006
page 1
10Gilman/Alberta, Benton County
from Kuryer Polski (1909)
Poznan, Galicia,
Spring 2007
page 1
11Duluth, St. Louis County
from Wiarus 1906-1908, Rolnik 1908,
and Kuryer Polski 1908-1909
Poznan, Russian,
Galicia, Kashubia
Summer 2007
page 19
12Little Falls, Morrison County
from Wiarus and Katolik, (1888-1910)
Kashubia, SilesiaFall 2007
page 1
13Bowlus, Morrison County
from Kuryer Polski
(1908-1910, Rolnik (1911, 1913)
SilesiaWinter 2007
page 1
14Perham, Ottertail County
from Wiarus/Katolik (1887-1909)
Kashubia, SilesiaSummer 2008
page 1
15Gnesen, St. Louis CountyPoznan, KashubiaWinter 2008
page 1
16Flensburg, Morrison CountySilesiaSpring 2009
page 1
17Taunton, Lyon County, MN
from Wiarus (1899-1907)
PoznanSummer 2009
page 1
18Wilno, Lincoln County, MN
from Wiarus (1886-1887)
Poznan, Silesia,
Kashubia, Galicia
Winter 2009
page 1
19East Chain, Martin County
and Fairmont, Martin County
from Wiarus and Katolik (1886-1906)
PoznanSpring 2010
 page 1
20Wilno, Lincoln County, MN
from Wiarus and Katolik (1886-1894)
Poznan, Silesia,
Kashubia, Galicia
Summer 2010
page 1
21Sturgeon Lake, Pine County
from Wiarus, 1889
Russian, Kashubia,
Galicia, Poznan
Fall 2010
page 1
22Winona, Winona County,
from Kuryer Polski 1906
Kashubia, Silesia,
Summer 2012
page 1