Steele County Polish Catholic Churches/Cemeteries


St Hyacinth Catholic Church (founded in 1903 – was the Polish Church)

Closed in 1952 – merged with St. Joseph Church.

The Owatonna People’s Press has a few articles on the church. The Gale Library at the MN Historical Society has access to the newspapers.

Here is a translation of the Polish article in the button above:
St. Jacka in Owatonna, Minnesota, 1890
Poles in Owatonna, in the Steele County, some 70 miles east of Winona, were visited in November 1891 by Fr. Zaleski from St. Paul and told them the sermon. They were very touched because they said that we had not heard a Polish sermon for four years. Bishop Cotter said, “it’s hard to find a priest.” And a year earlier, on November 4, 1890, T. J. Szymanski from Owatonna wrote, “About the Society of St. Stanisław Kostka, as a branch of the Union No. 22., adding: So far we have only had one church for 4 nationalities. But thank God, the Archbishop of Ireland separated the parish, Poles and Czechs separately, and Irish separately and Germany.” According to the schematicism of 1901, Father J. Piwo, a Czech was the pastor there.

At that time, the Poles still had a common church with the Czechs. And when soon this common church burned down, Poles and the Czechs split up. The Czechs gave Poles a detachable, as they say, half of the value of their common property. The Czechs rebuilt a new church in the old square and the Poles bought a few lots on which they built their own church in 1902 at a cost of $ 15,000. The church is made of stone and brick. In this new church, the service was celebrated for the first time by Fr. H. M. Daszkowski, from November 1902, the first permanent Polish parish priest in Owatonna. In that same year 1902 about 90 Polish families belonged to the parish. In 1904 a beautiful presbytery was built. Fr. Hieronim Michał Daszkowski, born on September 27, 1861 in Daszki, Prussia. Zach., Came to America in 1882, worked in various factories here, then studied 5 years in Detroit and 5 years in St. Paul. Ordained June 1, 1901.There are also Poles in Claremont, Dodge County.

History of Poland in America, X. Wacław Kruszka, Milwaukee, WI, vol. XI, 1907, pp. 23-24

St Joseph Catholic Church (founded in 1891 as an Irish and German church)

512 S. Elm Avenue
Owatonna, MN 55060

Sacred Heart Cemetery

South Cedar Avenue, South of 18th St. SE
Owatonna, MN 55060