Silesian Resources

Alex Opatz Family HistoryEileen Opatz Berger
Robert Prokott
Also includes a lot of information about Silesia and where Silesians settled in the U.S. Read Online -need to sign in to FamilySearch (free).
Silesia Yesterday and TodayAlbert A. Scholz
Springer Publishers, 2013
Preview of the book is here
Silesia to Minnesota – The Prokott HeritageRobert ProkottAvailable in the Polish section of the Hoffman Research Library in the MN Genealogical Center. Contains background on Silesia in addition to family information.
Silesian Profiles: Polish Immigration to Texas in the 1850sPanna Maria Historical Society, 1999While this book is about Silesians who immigrated to Texas, there are a lot of names, some of which may be families of those who came to MN. Can be obtained from WorldCat through your public library.
Silesian Profiles II: Polish Immigration to Texas in the 1850s – 1870sMarianne Moczygemba Watson, 2004Same as above
The Silent ApocalypseHannibal SmokeBook about hundreds of palaces and estates in Lower Silesia that were damaged or destroyed during WW2

Overview of Silesia
About Silesia
Familysearch Overview
What is Silesia?

Silesia Genealogy Websites

Silesian Genealogy 101
Parafie.genealodzy (for looking up parishes)
FamilySearch Summary of Land Records in Silesia
Searching for Silesian Land Records by Surname
FamilySearch Silesia Genealogy Resources

Genealogical Societies

Upper Silesian Genealogical Society
Genealoger – Silesia section
Opole Genealogists (in Polish)
Silesian Genealogical Society (in Polish)

The Polish Review:
Volume 51, No. 2 (2006), pp. 131-145
Borders of Identity and Language in Silesia
by Kevin Hannan

Note: You can read this article online here – you can set up a free account and read up to 6 articles/month.
mngenweb.netSilesia to America: A Heritage
by Robert Prokott
Article is here
Poland.plThe Hidden Treasures of Lower Silesia
by Nelly Kamińska
Article is here
GCSC HistoryThe Dispute over Upper Silesia, 1921 Easy to read summary of the famous dispute
Article is here
Silesian Family StoryThe Stodolka Family
by Mike Stodolka
Overview of several generations of a family from Silesia to Central Minnesota – Article is here

Below are links to articles in the past issues of PGS-MN newsletters related to the Silesia area of Poland. Once you click on the link, you will need to scroll down to the page indicated.

Newsletter IssuePageTitle and Author
Fall 19945-6Polish Catholic Churches in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis (includes members from Silesia at St. Mary of Czestochowa and St. Joseph of Delano)
by Paul Kulas
Winter 19968-9Silesia to America – A Heritage: MinnesotaPolish Silesian Settlement in Central MN
by Robert Prokott
Spring 19975-6Grandfather’s Biography Found and Who Is Robert Prokott?
by two members responding to Bob Prokott’s article from the Winter 1996 issue
Summer 19974Members submitted Information about families from Silesia
Summer 199712-13Panna Maria, Texas: The Oldest Polish Settlement in America
by Bernie Szymcak
Winter 19977Relatives in Browerville?
by Gregory J. Gazda
Spring 199814-15Back to Square One: A Return to Silesia
by Harry McOuat
Fall 199816More Short Takes at the PGS-MN Library (a review of a book, entitled, Genealogical Guide and Atlas of Silesia)
by Greg Kishel
Fall 199814Family Trails Weekend: Morrison County Families Reunion
by Genny Zak Kieley
Winter 19989The Legacy of Andreas Klescz
by Robert Prokott
Spring 199922New Films of Opole Diocese
by Ed Brandt
Summer 19995Relatives in Poland?
Letter from member regarding family in Lower Silesia
Summer 199912-13Origin of the Zilka and Piekarski Surnames
by Paul Kulas
Fall 19998-10Full Circle: Polish Catholics in Browerville, MN
by Harry McOuat
Fall 199910-11Origin of the Warzecha name
by Paul Kulas
Winter 199915Strzelce Opolskie – Translations
by Kornel Kondy
Winter 199920-22A Dream Come True
by Jeanette Bias
Spring 20006Tracing Silesian Roots
by Robert Prokott
Summer 200016, 17Review of two books on Silesians in Panna Maria, Texas
by Greg Kishel
Fall 20001, 8-13How Many Cousins Were in Your 8th Grade Class?
by Jeanette Bias
Fall 200014-18The Homeland of the Polish Pioneers from Wells
by Greg Kishel
Winter 2000 14-15The Opatz Surname in America
by Robert Prokott
Winter 2000 18-19A Return to the Homeland of My Ancestors
by Lou Kruchowski
Winter 2000 5Research in Korfantów
by Mary Jelinski
Fall 200116, 17Rajcza, translated from Slownik Geograficzny
by Greg Kishel
Winter 20015Review of book, Genealogical Guide to East and West Prussia. The book is in the MGS Library
Spring 20021, 10-14A Silesian Experience
by Robert Prokott
Spring 200222Map of East/West Prussia, Poznan, Silesia
Fall 200218-23Emigration to America
from the District of Opole 70 Years Ago

by Friedrich Kaminsky
Spring 20034My Ancestors: German? Polish?
by Kathy Middendorf
Spring 20036, 7Stenzel, Silesia, etc.
by Ed Brandt
Fall 200312-16Drobne Echa – Dateline:Delano
by Greg Kishel
Winter 20036-7Silesia to America
by Bernadine Zak Kargul
Winter 200310-14Drobne Echa – Dateline: Silver Lake
by Greg Kishel
Summer 20046Mention of a book entitled, Genealogical Guide to East and West Prussia, which is available in the MGS Library.
Summer 200410-13Origin of the BIAS, KaROPKA, STALOCH and PIETROK surnames
by J.M. Bias
Fall 200415-17Origin of the WANZEK,

by J.M. Bias
Winter 20044A Letter from Auschwitz
by Mike Stodolka
Winter 20047No “ski” in Silesian Surnames
by J.M. Bias
Winter 200422Where is Prussia? 
by Paul Kulas
Spring 20051, 14-15Researching Trębaczów
by J.M. Bias
Spring-Summer 20061, 11-13Drobne Echa – Dateline: Swan RIver
by Greg Kishel
Spring 20073Village of Bowles Centennial
by Bob Prokott
Spring 20074My Ancestor’s Church Records on

by Jan Bias
Fall 200712-13Articles about Silesia, Silesian
Immigration and Silesian Settlement in
Minnesota and in the U.S.
Winter 200710Tracing our Silesian Roots
by Bob Prokott
Winter 20071, 19-22Drobne Echa – Dateline: Bowlus
by Greg Kishel
Winter 200723A Letter from Auschwitz
by Mike Stodolka
Spring 20091, 12-18 Drobne Echa – Dateline: Flensburg
by Greg Kishel
Summer 20098A Visit to My Ancestral Homes in Poland
by Louis D. Welna
Summer 20106-17The Prokott Heritage
by Robert Prokott
Spring 20116, 22-23Bowlus Czechs live on 102-year-old farm
by Tina Snell
Winter 20114-5Recently at PGS-MN Meetings
by Bob Prokott
Fall 20121, 15, 16Germans, Poles and Jews – The Nationality Conflict in the Prussian East, 1772-1914
by William W. Hagen, University of Chicago Press, 1980.
Spring 20175-6Panna Maria, Texas—the Oldest Polish Settlement in USA
by Nancy Gagner
Winter 201812-13Our Ancestors in the Prussian Army
by Aleksandra Kacprzak and Mariusz Żebrowski
Winter 201817-20Finding Family in Poland
by James Roman Warzonek
Winter 2021 12In Memory of Bridget Zwack
Excepts from Bridget’s family book (immigrated from Silesia)