Silesia Maps

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11th to 12th Century Silesia

Poland Voivodeships – the Silesian ones are the lower part of Lubusz (lubuskie), Lower Silesian (dolnoślaskie), Opole (opolskie), Silesian (ślaskie) and a small part of Greater Poland (wielkopolskie)

Translation is “The Location of Silesia Against the Background of the Contemporary Administrative Division.” The darker red color shows the area of Silesia.

Map in 1871 – When Silesians began immigrating to Minnesota

Lower and Upper Silesia in 1878
Liegnitz (Legnica) and Breslau (Wroclaw), both in Lower Silesia
Oppeln (Opole) in Upper Silesia

Lower and Upper Silesia

Silesia after the Potsdam Conference in 1945