General Websites about Poland

FamilySearch Listing of Polish Websites
This site has a thorough listing of archives, databases, religion specific sites, and other genealogy resources in Poland. 

Photos of Villages in Poland
Debbie Greenlee is the owner/moderator of the Polish Genius facebook site and has taken photos of over 750 villages in Poland. She shares the photos on her family website. The photos are from many areas of Poland and are listed alphabetically.

Surname Website
This sight lists Surnames common in Poland and the area where the surname is found. The website is in Polish, but is very easy to figure out- you just click on the first letter of your surname and it opens up all names that start with that letter. When you click on a name, it takes you to a map, showing you the location where the name is found. It takes a while to load all the names.

The other tab on this site (spelled “Imiona”) lists the 30 most common male and female first names in Poland.

From Shepards and
Go to the “Categories” Drop-down box and select from a large number of topics.

Road Shrines in Poland
It is common to see road shrines in many parts of Poland. This articles provides background information about the shrines.

PGS-MN Newsletter Article (Summer 2022, page 5) about Polish Roadside Shrines is HERE.
General overview of Polish culture topics.

Examples of Road Signs in Poland