Administrative Structure of Poland

Three Levels of Structure

The current administrative structure of Poland is based on three levels of subdivision:

  • The largest subdivisions are Voivodeships (provinces);
  • The Voivodeships are further divided into Powiats (counties or districts);
  • The Powiats are then divided into Gminas (municipalities). Gminas may be classed as urban, urban-rural (which includes a town as well as surrounding villages and countryside), and rural (not containing a town).

Major cities usually have the status of both powiat and gmina. Poland currently has 16 voivodeships, 380 powiats (including 66 cities with powiat status) and 2,478 gminas. Note that the current structure has only been in place since 1999. There were many different divisions historically, dependent on the time period.

Each Voivodeship has its own Coat of Arms.

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