Books and Websites Related to Kashubia


Kashubia to Canada – Crossing on the Agda
Shirley Mask Connolly, 2003
(while this book is about Kashubians who immigrated to Canada, it provides a lot of information about life in Kashubia)
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The Kashubian Polish Community of Southeastern Minnesota
The Polish Cultural Institute, Winona, Minnesota, 2001
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The Saga of the Kashube People in Poland, Canada, U.S.A
by Aloysius J. Rekowski
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They Chose Minnesota: A Survey of the State’s Ethnic Groups
Chapter 19 – The Poles by Frank Renkiewicz, page 362-380
June Drenning Holmquist, Editor
Minnesota Historical Society Press 1981, Reprinted 2004

Tourist Guide to Kashubia
by Jaroslaw Ellwart
Translated by Elizabeth Turek

Kashubian Language in Canada, the USA and New Zealand
Lexical Interferences in Kashubian Language in Canada, the USA and New Zealand
by Stanislôw Frymark
Published by Zómk Zôbòrsczi, 2020
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English-Polish-Kashub Dictionary
by Stanislôw Frymark
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Creating Kashubia
by Joshua C. Blank
While this covers Kashubians who settled in Canada, it has a lot of information about Kashubian history.
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103 Articles (1982-1986)
by Fr. Al Rekowski, 1995
Fr. Rekowski wrote a weekly column for an Ontario newspaper and this book is a compilation of the 103 articles he wrote during those years. While he is from Canada, the book covers a lot of information about Kashubia and its culture. This book is available in the PGS-MN section of the Hoffman Research Library at the Minnesota Genealogical Center.

The Cassubian Civilization
by Fr. Lorentz, PhD; Adam Fischer, PhD; and Tadeus Lehr-Slawinski, PhD
Faber and Faber, Limited: 1935 (reprinted in 1983)
This book is hard to find – we are including it as it would be fortunate if you happen to come across it.

Discovering Kashubia Europe: The Fatherland of my Kashubian Ancestors
by David Martin Shulist  
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Kashubia – Homeland of the Baltic Slavs
by Jaroslaw Ellwart
This is a detailed overview of Kashubia and Kashubians.
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The Kashubs: Past and Present
by Cezary Olbracht-Prondzynski

Websites  (Wilno Heritage Society)
A large number of Kashubians settled in this area of Canada and their Heritage Society has a strong emphasis on Kashubian culture.
While this website is based on Canadian Kashubians, much of the information applies to the Kashubians in the U.S. 
This site is under construction and currently only has information about Kashubians in Canada, but eventually it will include information about Kashubians in other countries

The Great Kashubian Migration (this one can take a while, but it will open)
This website lists many of the names of Kashubians who immigrated to the U.S. and where they settled (in Minnesota and elsewhere). It is an excellent source of information on the Kashubian family names.
A personal website written by Joseph Hughes, an American with Kashubian roots. His Kashubian grandparents lived in Winona, Minnesota.

Pomeranian Genealogical Association
This is an excellent (and free) website for tracking your family records in Polish churches of the Pomeranian area, which includes Kashubian churches. The records are indexes, not actual records, but you can obtain a lot of your family names as well as birth, marriage and death dates. You can then look for the actual records on Ancestry or FamilySearch, using the dates from this site.
A website that lists graves in some cemeteries in the Pomorskie Voivodeship – small collection, but worth checking for your family names..

New Eastern Europe
Six articles about Kashubia and the Kashubians.

Syrena Polish Folk Dance Ensemble – Kaszuby
This site describes a number of dances traditional to the Kashubian area as well as other areas of Poland. It also provides an overview of the geography and history of the region.