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Below are links to articles in the past issues of PGS-MN newsletters related to the Kashubia area of Poland. Once you click on the link, you will need to scroll down to the page indicated.

Newsletter IssuePageTitle/Author
Winter 19937Parish Records in the Winona Area
by Ben Schultz
Spring 19942Letter to Editor- Kashubians in Canada
by Des Peplinski
Fall 19947-8Church of St. Gregory- North Branch
by Paul Kulas
Winter 19945-8The First Polish Settlers Came from Kaszuby
by Adeline M. Copa
Summer 19952Letter to Editor- The Kashubian Connection
by Keith A. Kaszubowski
Summer 19951, 4A Dream Visit Comes True
by Clare Larkin
Summer 19955-7Your Canadian Kashub Cousins and Their Trek from Wilno to Winona
by Shirley Mask Connolly
Summer 19967-10Polish Catholic Churches in the New Ulm Diocese (St. John Cantius in Wilno, MN)
by Paul Kulas
Fall 19964Letter to the Editor – Polish Heritage Trail in Central WI
Reference to a book by Father Aloysius Rekowski on Kashub-Polish names in Canada, Poland, and the U.S.
Winter 199612Review of book entitled, Polish Pioneer Families in the Parish of Brudenell to 1870
by Shirley Mask Connolly
Winter 199616Question Oral Family History
by Blanche Krbecheck
Spring 19974Letter to the Editor – Include Email Addresses
by Mary T. Cox
Spring 199712-14Legendary Wilno Cabinet-Maker May Have Left Legacy in St. Paul
by Shirley Mask Connolly
Summer 19973Picture postcard of St. Stanislaus Kostka Church in Winona
Summer 19971, 14, 15Searching Ships’ Lists for Your Polish Ancestors: Passengers on the Ship, The Bark Agda
by Shirley Mask Connolly
Summer 1997
8Parishioners of 1900 Church of St. John Cantius in Wilno, Minnesota
Winter 19976Kaszuby – 1997
by Shirley Mask Connolly
Winter 1997
8-9Origins of the Surname “Kulas”
by Paul Kulas
Summer 19985Meet Your Past in Stevens Point (mention of database of Kashubian names)
by Adeline Sopa
Fall 199814Family Trails Weekend: Morrison County Families Reunion – Article about a Little Falls family reunion
by Genny Zak Kieley
Spring 19996-9Looking for the Veleske family who once lived at 977 East Jessamine St, St. Paul
by Shirley Mask Connolly
Summer 19998-9In Search of Polish Grandparents
by Ceclia McKeig
Fall 19991, 14-15Günter Grass – Nobel Laureate: German Conscience or Polish Patriot?
by Paul Kulas
Fall 19994Letter to the Editor: Correction!
by Shirley Mask Connolly
Winter 1999
8The Beginning of Polish Settlement in Duluth
by Stanislaw Walczak
Winter 19999-14A Transcription of St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Gnesen, St. Louis County, part I
by Greg Kishel
Spring 2000
1, 7-11Patterns of Polish Settlement in Minnesota: Rice Lake and Gnesen Townships
by Greg Kishel
Spring 200012-17A Transcription of St. Joseph’s Cemetery – Gnesen, St. Louis County
by Greg Kishel
Fall 200020-21Gnesen and Rice Lake: A Postscript
by Greg Kishel
Summer 20015Pommern Meeting Summary
by Terry Kita
Summer 200120-21Book Review: 103 articles about Kashubia by Father Aloysius Rekowski between 1982-1986 (the book is in the MGS Library)
by Mary Ellen Bruski
Fall 20014Winona Kashubs
Reference to a book on Kashubians in Southeastern Minnesota
Winter 20015Review of book, Genealogical Guide to East and West Prussia. The book is in the MGS Library
Spring 200222Map of East/West Prussia, Poznan, Silesia
Fall/Winter 200212-13Web Sites for Kashubian Research
by Mary Ellen Bruski
Winter 20039, 27Book Review of Genealogical Guide to East and West Prussia 
Reviewed by Greg Kishel
Summer 20046New Guide Coming: Genealogical Guide to East and West Prussia, available in the MGS Library
by Ed Brandt
Winter 20041, 14-21Article by Greg Kishel about his family that came from Kwidzyn County in the Pomeranian Voivodeship – they settled in Stevens Point, WI, then moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Winter 200422Where is Prussia? 
by Paul Kulas
Spring 2005
11-13Canada’s First Polish Settlement – A Heritage Holiday Destination
by Shirley Mask Connolly
Spring 2005
21-25Diocese of Pelplin CDs available
Summer 2005
3Extra Contributions: Notation that there is a tape in the MGS Library entitled, Kaszebe, Pioneers of the Wilderness.
Fall 20058Additional CDs available from Stanley Frymark.
Fall 20056Trzebiatowa
Fall 200512-13Polonia on a Northern Frontier
by Greg Kishel
Winter 2005
4Pommern? Pomorze? Kaszuby?
by Dennis Dale Kulas
Winter 20058Winona’s Polish Museum and St. Stanislaus Church
by Mary Ellen Bruski
Fall 2006
10-15The Derdowski Brothers
by Michael A. Derdowski
Fall 200616-22The SS Liebig (many Kashubs were on the ship)
by Paul Kulas
Fall 200623Articles about Kashubian Immigration and Settlement in America
Winter 20061, 12-18Drobne Echa: Dateline New Brighton and Mounds View
by Greg Kishel
Summer 2007
1, 11-17A Kettle of Kaszubians
by Micheal A. Derdowski
Fall 200829Polish/Kashub Settlement in Central Wisconsin
by Adeline Sopa
Summer 2009
20-21Book Signing- Life and Adventures of Remus
by Dori Marszalek
Fall 200910-13Winona’s Kashubs, Kowalewskis and The Hot Fish Shop- Part I – Early History and Social Development
by William L. Crozier
Fall 200914-18Part II – The Hot Fish Shop Story
by Richard V. Kowles
Fall 20105Book Review of Archiwum Państowe w Gdańsku (State Archives in Gdańsk) Przewodnik Po Zasobie do 1945 Roku (Guide of Sources up to 1945)
Reviewed by John Kowles
Fall 20111, 9-10Nationalism, Chronology, and Nomenclature- Pomeranians and Kashubians
by Edward R. Brandt.
Fall 20176Book Review of The Saga of the Kashub People in Poland, Canada, and USA by Aloysius J. Rekowski 
Reviewed by Paula Colwell
Winter 20186The Kashubians Dysphoria
by J. William Gorki from the Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan.
Winter 201812-13Our Ancestors in the Prussian Army
by Aleksandra Kacprzak and Mariusz Żebrowski

Other Articles

The Kashubs – Origins and Emigration to the U.S.A.
by Jan Perkowski
Polish American Studies
Vol. 23, no, 1, January-June 1966
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by Editor
Immigrant Genealogical Society Newsletter, January 2013, page 1Read article online
Kashubian Genetics: Abstracts and SummariesKhazaria.comWhile this article is very scientific, we are including it as it is rare to find genetic information specific to Kashubians. Read article online
The Kashubs on the Baltic
by Gregory MacDonald
The Slavonic and East European Review
Vol.19, No. 53/54, The Slavonic Yearbook (1939-1940), pp. 265-275 (11 pages)
Published By: Modern Humanities Research Association
Note: You can read this article online here – you can set up a free account and read up to 6 articles/month.
7 Wondrous Kashubian Legends
by Marek Kepa
March 16, 2022
Read article online
Kashubians and the Church in Three Wisconsin Settlements
by Anne M. Gurnack
Colloquium Education – Polistics – History Quarterly, 2019Read article here