Kashubian Culture

“In form, the Kaszub is not tall; he is bony, nimble, of rather fair complexion, usually with light-colored hair. The men’s clothing consists of a long, pleated frock (of homespun), with firm calfs leather shoes, often tar-soaked, and pants, also of homespun, reaching down to their tops. Currently the most typical feature of every Kaszub’s attire is a large cap (like the ones firemen wear), covering the back of the skull, and the ears with flaps; gray sheepskin is sewn on the front, and the inside is also lined with sheepskin. They used to wear a tall sheepskin cap with short silk ribbons, usually yellow, on the back. Young Kaszub women also delight in warm homespun dresses with similar ribbons. In summer they wear on their heads a thin white scarf knotted under the chin-thus they are called bialki [“white ones”].”

From the Slownik Geograficzny Krolestwa Polskiego – Warsaw 1882, vol. 3, pp. 904-907.

Kashubian Unity Day
Kashubian Unity Day has been held on March 19th of every year since 2005. It commemorates the first historical record confirming the very existence of Kashubians. It was on this day in the year 1238 that Pope Gregory IX addressed Bògùsłôw I, Prince of Pomerania Duke of Kashubia.

Kashubian Flag Day
Kashubian Flag Day is held on August 18th of every year.

Kashubian Christmas Folklore
An article about the symbolism of Polish folklore during the Christmas season – unique to Northern Poland.

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