Train Map of the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria

Arcanum Maps
Displays maps from the Austro-Hungarian empire, including maps of Europe, city maps, country maps and cadastral (land) maps.

The National Library of Poland’s digital collection of media items pertaining to all of Poland. The above link will take you to maps of Galicia, however in the search box (as the site is in Polish, you must search in Polish) you may search for additional items.

Topographic Map of Galicia (1779-1783)
This is an editorial project to publish the 1st military survey of Galicia, also called the “Mieg map”, which is held originally at the War Archives in Vienna. Certain sections have been published and the project is ongoing.

Land Tax Census, 1783-1789
Family Search has digitized the Josephinian Cadastral land records for some villages from areas in Western Galicia. The original records are kept at the Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine in L’viv.

Szukaj w Archiwum (Search the Archives)
The State Archives of Poland is actively scanning maps and other records of historical and genealogical value online. Their website allows you to search for a town or village and in the search results, select the “maps” icon at the top to display what is available in their collection.

AP Przemyśl Search
If your family came from Southeastern Poland or far Western Ukraine, the State Archives in Przemyśl may hold records of interest. Their records are also available in Szukaj w Archiwum but they additionally have their own search website. AP Przemyśl holds many cadastre maps and lists of landowners dating back to the 1850s. To search, type in the name of the village in the field named “Opis jednostki”.

Using Cadastral Maps of Galicia
This blog posts written by Julie Szczepankiewicz details how to use and find cadastre land maps and records.