PGS-MN Newsletter Articles Related to Galicia

Below are links to articles in the past issues of PGS-MN newsletters related to the Galicia area of Poland. Once you click on the link, you will need to scroll down to the page indicated.

Newsletter IssuePageTitle and Author
Spring 1995 10Book review of Genealogical Gazetteer of Galicia
by Kornel Kondy
Spring 19956Tryba in Minnesota – Thomas Tryba
by Stanley W. Kava
Winter 19956-7Where My Paternal Roots Are
by Walter Kornel Kondy
Winter 1996 10More Information About TracingPolish Ancestors from What is Now the Commonwealth of Independent States
by Ed Brandt
Spring 1997 20PGS-MN at St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral
by Terry Kita
Winter 1998 10Patterns of Polish Settlement in Minnesota, 1910: Buyck Township, St. Louis County
by Greg Kishel
Winter 199814A Transcription of the “Polish Side” of the Forest Home Cemetery, Buyck, St, Louis County
by Greg Kishel
Summer 1999 17Book Review of the Genealogical Gazetteer of Galicia
by Ed Brandt
Fall 200019Review of a map set in the MGS library that covers the Austrian part of Poland
by Paul Kulas
Fall 200022-23Origin of the Magryta surname from Galacia
by Paul Kulas
Summer 20038-13Z Beskidu Wyspowego: Another Chain Migration to the Mesabi Range
by Greg Kishel
Summer 200314-15From the Virginian, 1906: A Bit of Polish Lagniappe
by Greg Kishel
Summer 200316-23From Słownik geograficzny: Mszana Dolna and Vicinity, in Limanowa District
by Greg Kishel
Fall 200317From Słownik geograficzny: Ustrobna and Tułkowice
by Walter Kornel Kondy
Summer 2005 10-13Article about the mountains in Galicia 
by John Rys
Fall 2005 12-13Polonia on a Northern Frontier – The Polish American Communities of Northeastern Minnesota
by Greg Kishel
Fall 200514-20Jordanów, Poland (About immigrants from Galicia and their migration to Northeast Mpls.).
by John Rys
Winter 20051, 20-24A Survivor’s Guide to Finding Ancestors in Poland (about family from Pilzno, Galicia)
by Mark Dobosenski
Winter 2005 3Mention of a Galician newsletter and a Galician Family Study Database that can be accessed online.
Winter 200511-19Drobne Echa: Sturgeon Lake 
by Greg Kishel
Spring/Summer 2006
24-28Lwów to Wroclaw – A Transplanted Community
Neurology in Wroclaw

by Andrzej Brzecki
Winter 2006 8-9PGS-MN Presentation Summary on Galicia
by John Rys
Spring 2007 1, 19-22Drobne Echa: Gilman/Alberta (Benton County)
by Greg Kishel
Spring 20075-8Slównik Geograficzny Entry for Spytkowice
by John Rys
Winter 20084Tabula Registers: An Untapped Genealogical Resource in the L’Viv Archives
by Alexander Dunai
Spring 20104Austrian Research Database 
Spring 201116Lubinski Family History Book
by John Rys and Dik Lubinski
Spring 201211How to Find Your Roots? Jordanów Deanery 
by Robert Twardowski
Summer 2012 15Analyzing Matrimonial Records to Find Ancestral Villages
by John Rys (the article has a lot of Galicia information).
Fall 201718-20Discovering My Polish Ancestors
by Heather Pedersen
Summer 2018 4-6Podkarpackie (Subcarpathian) Voivodeship Records
by Heather Pedersen
Winter 20184-5Peasant Costumes in the Rzeszow Area
by Joseph Maciora