Chisago County

Merchants State Bank, North Branch, 1920’s – Courtesy of

Towns where Poles settled in Chisago County include:
North Branch

County-Wide Resources

Vital Records and Land Records

The Recorder’s Office is responsible for vital records and real estate records for properties in Chisago County.

U.S. Bureau of Land Management

The U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management has General Land Office Records where you can pick the state and county, then type a surname. If an ancestor purchased land, you will likely be able to see the document and details about the land and purchase.

Historical Societies

General Genealogy Links

The following are websites with general resources and genealogy information about Chisago County:



A History of Chisago County: (1851-2001)Lloyd Hackl, Robert Porter, and Leilani Freeman
The People of Chisago County (19th Century)Earl W Leaf of New London, MN


North Branch

General Genealogy Links


North Branch Centennial: 1881-1981
by North Branch Centennial Committee, 1981
Link to Order