Haller’s Army

Also known as the “Polish Army” or the “Blue Army” in France during World War I, more than 25,000 men joined this group and fought between 1918 and 1920. Polish men from Minnesota volunteered to serve in this army.

Many records have been preserved and are documented below.

Photo: University of Michigan – College of Literature, Science and the Arts

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Fall 20011The Polish Army in France in World War I (Haller’s Army)
Recruitment Database – Northern Minnesota

by Ray Marshall
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Summer 20058Haller’s Army Recruitment Papers
by J.M. Bias
Fall 20057A Third Person from Wells in Haller’s Army
by J.M. Bias

PGS-MN Program Meeting

In September 2021, Dr. David T Ruskoski, Associate Professor History at Tulsa Community College spoke to PGS-MN on the Polish Army in France during the late 1910s. Independent Poland ceased to exist in 1795 and the various insurrections to restore the Polish state were thwarted by the Germans, Austro-Hungarians, and Russians.

During the First World War, Polish statesmen called upon the thousands of Polish immigrants in the United States to join the Polish Army in France, a military force funded by the French government and organized by the Polish Falcons of America and Ignacy Paderewski, the world-famous Polish pianist. Over 20,000 men trained in Canada and fought in the final months of the war on the Western front. While in France they were placed under the command of General Jozef Haller and became known as Haller’s Army.

At the conclusion of the war, the Allied leaders at the Paris Peace Conference decided to send the soldiers to Poland to fight in the Polish-Soviet War to stop the western advance of the Bolsheviks. When the war ended, the United States government, with the influence of Secretary of State Robert Lansing, funded the return of the soldiers to their homes in the United States.

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Haller’s Polish Army in France
by Paul S. Valasek
Whitehall Printing, 2006
Available in the Hoffman Research Library at the Minnesota Genealogy Center.