McLeod County Polish Catholic Churches/Cemeteries

Silver Lake

St. Adalbert Church (established in 1879)

Silver Lake, MN

  • Early parishioners were primarily immigrants from Poznan
  • A new church was built in 1889 and remodeled in 1949
  • The original church became St. Adelbert’s school until it burned down in 1922.

Church Records

Saint Adalbert’s baptism, marriage, death records (film#s 1705530 and 1705531) are on 
permanent loan at the LDS Family History Center in Crystal, MN.
The phone number for the Center is 763-544-2479.

St. Joseph’s Church (incorporated in 1895)

Silver Lake, Minnesota

St. Joseph’s Church and St. Adalbert’s Church merged in 1993 to form Holy Family Church.

St. Adalbert’s Catholic Cemetery

120 Lake Avenue N.
Silver Lake, MN 55381

Holy Family Catholic Church 

720 West Main St.
Silver Lake, MN 55381

Holy Family Church Book/Booklet

Church of the Holy Family, Silver Lake, Minnesota (1995)
Available in the Polish section of the Hoffman Research Library at the Minnesota Genealogy Center.

PGS-MN Newsletter Article

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Winter 200313Silver Lake, Church of the Holy Family
(part of the Drobne Echa article by Greg Kishel)

St. Joseph Cemetery

(also known as Holy Family Cemetery)
Silver Lake, MN 55381